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Physiologial Efficient Posture

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At last! The truth about how to help more people, more effectively and in shorter appointment times -- Revealed!

Core Postural Alignment is the best kept secret in holistic health. In just 15 minutes you can turn an ailing client into an evangelist for your practice who will refer over and over again.


If you'd like to have a full practice, get a great reputation and earn what you're really worth, then this might be the most important web page you'll ever read.



Here's why:

With our combined 50 plus years experience in teaching people body-work you can be assured of learning and understanding how much this amazing technique can do for your clients and your practice.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

The technique is very gentle and relaxing

... so clients love to receive it.

The technique is very effective

... so clients see rapid improvement and refer.

The technique promotes wellness care

... so clients keep coming back for maintenance.

The assessment procedure is simple

... so clients can see the improvement for themselves.

You can work sitting down and it is gentle on your body

... so at the end of a busy day you are not worn out.

Shorter appointment times

... so you can see more clients in a day.

Clients refer over and over again

... so you have a full diary and save on advertising costs.

You gain a great reputation

... so more people want to come and see you.

You can help more people get better

... so you gain more satisfaction from your work.

You can see the changes you have made at the end of every appointment

... so you know you have done a good job.

Convert your practice to a wellness orientated one

... so you are seeing positive, well people who want to get even better.

Being able to work more holistically

... means not having to work symptomatically.

Having a full diary when you choose to work

... means you can afford to take more holidays.

Having a powerful demonstration tool for health fairs etc

... so you stand out from the crowd and people want to know what you are offering.

The course notes are very comprehensive

... allowing you to increase your understanding of how the body works.

A safe and caring learning environment

... gives you permission to learn new things.

Being with like minded people

... lets you recapture your enthusiasm for helping people and reminds you why you got into this line of work to begin with. Life-long friendships can be made.

Training in Core Postural Alignment

Training Course

The training course is only open to existing, active practitioners who hold professional indemnity insurance.

Here is a summary of the contents of the course

The Training Course- Attended - Long Weekend
Demonstration of a CPA alignment

Surface Anatomy

The Physiological Efficient Posture

The Primary Alignment

Stressors and Cortisol Dominance

Stress and the General Adaptation Syndrome

Sitting Assessment

Plumbline Assessment

Visual Assessment

Prone Assessment

The Cranial Indicator

The Distortion Index

Alignment Procedure

Code of Ethics

Reactions and Contra-Indications

Giving an Explanation

Taking a Record Card

Supportive Advice

Self-Help Techniques

Lots of Practical Hands-on Experience

Free On-Line Support


At the end of the training course participants will be able to integrate what they have learnt into their practices straight away. However:

  • It is the responsibility of each participant to establish whether expanding their clinical activity to incorporate practices covered during the training course is within the scope of the body that regulates their practice.

  • It is the responsibility of any participant who intends to extend the scope of their clinical practice, as a result of attending a training course, to ensure that they are appropriately insured to do so.


For an up to date list of dates, venues and costs click on course dates.



We think our courses are great but don't just take our word for it.
Listen to what some of our feedback says.

“Excellent quality of instruction – well paced, positive and friendly.”

“Very carefully planned and very professionally delivered.”

“Tutors were very well tuned into the group & very approachable.”

“Very good and clear explanation of the technique.”

“A good relaxed but working atmosphere – two cheery tutors.”

“Excellent & enthusiastic tutoring of this fascinating technique.”

"Nice mix of practical and theory, a friendly, supportive atmosphere."

“Magical change after an alignment.”


“Good diagrams in the course material.”

“Well presented information, spoken, written and video.”

“It’s really improved my business. My clinic is much busier.”

“Valuable learning in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, good information and teaching.”

"Since I was taught Core Postural Alignment by Allyn & Sue, not only has my life improved as I don't have the pain when I walk which I had for 39 years (brilliant!), but countless others are able to have the benefits as well. It's like a ripple of hope running through our lives.

My client base has more than doubled and I am averaging two new starts a week. As I work word of mouth and do not advertise I am very pleased with this figure. I am working less time and the work is less strenuous for me.

I'm doing The Race For Life this year just because I CAN!!!"


"I cannot recommend Core Postural Alignment highly enough and if you were considering taking it further to do the Practitioner Course, I can only emphasise that you not only get what you pay for but with these guys you get far, far more."



You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee

Ishta Spinal Touch Guarantee

If, at the end of the training course, you feel you haven't understood the material, or feel you can't apply it, owing to poor teaching skills on our part or sub-standard course notes, simply return the materials we have given you and we will gladly refund all the money you have paid.

To your success,


Allyn Edwards D.C. and Sue Weller D.C.


P.S. Remember if you feel that our teaching skills or course material is lacking then we will refund all monies paid.

P.P.S. You can have the practice you want and deserve!

Try it for yourself

If you don't yet know how fantastic Core Postural Alignment is and how well you feel after receiving it, why not contact your nearest Core Postural Alignment practitioner.

A full list of them can be found here.


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